Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things: Mission Trails Park

I will definitely miss the outdoor adventures and misadventures of San Diego. There's so much to do outside here. I mean, the 70 degree year-round weather doesn't hurt ;) But it's more than that. There's open space here, which is funny because locals seem to think that it's completely developed. Silly San Diegans. The picture above is of Mission Trails Park. It's such a wide open space filled with hikes and waterfalls. Gorgeous. I'll have to find places in Maryland and D.C. to go for weekend walks. On a side note, I captured a few more things that have inspired me decor-wise over the past weekend/week. These were the centerpieces from an Alzheimer's event where I volunteered on Saturday night:

And, this is one of the simplest and cutest little things I've seen in forever. I went for a glass of wine on Monday with my friend Nissa to this place near Windmill Farms (love that name!). These little tea light holders were sitting in the middle of the patio tables. They're filled with faux pearls, which I'm convinced I could find at the Goodwill. Love it!
Finally, this is what I had for dinner last night. Just wanted to share :) It was a little slice of heaven on earth...chicken pate, port cheese, and a glass of chardonnay.

Hope you're having a fabulous week!


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