Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel Tuesdays: California Central Coast

I thought it would be a good way to get me out and about if I had a post about my travels. This week's travel took me far (rather than near, aka the town I live in) to California's Central Coast. My friend Suzie planned a girls' wine trip to Oxnard, California, where we played and stayed on Saturday, March 26th, and then drove up to Santa Barbara on Sunday before heading back down to San Diego. With snacks in the bag and Bonnie picked up in L.A., we jetted up to our hotel to change and get to the first wine bar! Although it was inside an industrial park, it was definitely a memorable night with fabulous ladies and great wine. And our wine-ista gave us tons of hints on where to go for wine tastings and dancing--Ventura!

Queue The Eagles "Ventura Highway" for the upcoming photo journey:

Bonnie and her wine. A match made in heaven :)

Wine Rack. V.I.P. indoor patio (the wine club members got to keep their wine in lockers in the back room. GREAT idea).

Cute tea light holder next to my sparkling wine. Leurve.

The check came in this old planner. Adorable. Love this picture of Suzie and Bonnie. Love you girls!

Capriccio dinner. Wine in cups. Mussels in garlic. Cheesy lasagna. Good. Good. Good.

This picture is super hard to see, but it's in a back DJ room/dining room. These are old vines on the walls and there were tons of lights on the ceiling. Loved this patio idea. Also, the front room had a live band playing Jackson Five and Rihanna. Those cougars really know how to belt Oh NANA at the top of their lungs ;) High fives all around!

Sunday in Santa Barbara. Me and some pup down the ocean, hon.

Isn't she pretty? Gotta love the Pacific.

This is the view of Santa Barbara from the water. It was FREEZing. I wish you could see the steam coming off the water on the warm day.

State Street Santa Barbara. Beautiful.

One of the most amazing drives in the country, I'm convinced. Drive down the highway back to San Diego and you'll see playful dolphins, elite islands, and blue skies.

Over looking the ocean. I love water. This is a happy girl.

Ventura Highway in the sunshine.

Where the days are longer,

The nights are stronger than moonshine.

You're gonna go, I know.

Happy travels today!


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