Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The List of Lists: Spring Bucket List Update

For some reason, I've already moved onto fall and winter in my mind. Guess it's another part of the constant "living in the moment" issue that I have. So, I figured I'd revisit my bucket list for spring (which has also turned into my bucket list for summer) and try to continue to live in the moment.

Have you noticed that a lot of my things are really easy to do spontaneously, yet I still haven't actually done them? Must work on spontaneity too. Oh, and not over-scheduling myself, which has been SUPER difficult this season. Adding a few more things to the to-do list (e.g., tubing and outdoor movies) won't help, but whatever. If I don't get everything this year, there's always next year! I have a lot to work on :)

I'm visiting the Eastern Shore with my mom this Saturday for a massage. Maybe I'll bring a book and cross of another thing on my list. As long as this to-do doesn't become a chore, I'm OK with it. Happy summer!

Stephanie Marie

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