Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Small Town America: Easton, MD

I have a new favorite town. And it's kind of surprising because I really only spent about a half hour walking through the main street before giving up on an available lunch place. My mom and I bought Groupons to get massages at this little salon in Easton, MD, and afterwards we planned to get lunch in downtown Easton. I won't even go into the traffic nightmare that we found on our way over the Bay Bridge; can we just say that traveling toward the beach on a weekend is just dumb?
Mason's on S Harrison Street.

Unfortunately I missed my massage, but my mom got hers and she truly loved it. So that was great! And downtown Easton turned out to be adorable. Again, unfortunately (for our lunch plans) the streets were packed with an outdoor painting competition. So, while we walked around in the rain looking for a place that didn't have an enormous wait--I'd had only a banana for breakfast and was officially cranky--we took in some of the colonial sites. 

Plein Air competition.
I just loved the colorful buildings with the inviting front porches. The flowers were beautiful and the idea of living in a place that has an outdoor painting competition? Uh, Stars Hollow anyone? 

Bartlett Pear Inn.
So, my mom and I decided that we'd just have to return in the fall, stay at the Bartlett Pear Inn, eat at Mason's, and get some more massages. I can't wait for a lovely girls' weekend! Luckily, we did manage to find a lunch place not too far away that had glorious views of the water. We grabbed a few appetizers at The Narrows and then headed back to the outlets. 
Wells Cove from The Narrows.

Found an adorable and really reasonably priced antique shop on the way where we picked up a few goodies for later. All in all, it was a wonderful day! You really can't beat mother/daughter adventures :)

Eastern Bay Trading Company.
Stephanie Marie


  1. Looks wonderful! Maybe when you go in the fall I can meet you. :)

  2. what a lovely time you had! Antique shops are my weaknesses. love you cute blog! xo

  3. What a cute town! Posts like this make me miss the East Coast!

  4. Thanks all! I'm moving there in five years in my mind :)