Thursday, March 24, 2011

Foodie Alert! Homemade Pizza

I. Love. Pizza. I love it plain, I love it fancy, I love it hot, I love it cold. (I think this could turn into a Dr. Seuss book pretty easily!) Point is: I love pizza and it loves me. The other night, I decided to make my very own personal-sized homemade pie. Yes, pie. I said it. It is a pizza pie; get over it! ;) So in my quest to make my own pie, I found a recipe in my new cookbook from Ina called "Barefoot in Paris." I may have mentioned a few times already that I am obsessed with all things France right now so add that to my love for pizza (did I mention I love pizza?) and you've got one glorious evening.

Unfortunately, Ina (we're on a first-name basis) wanted me to make the crust from scratch and saute the toppings for like 45 minutes. This is 2011, Ina, I don't have the patience for either of those things!

Luckily, Trader Giotto's has three varieties of dough for pizza crusts. I snagged a bag of the white, and when I got home I sectioned off about a third of the package for dinner and froze the rest. A little rolling out the dough (with a glass like my mom taught me since apparently our family doesn't believe in rolling pins) and we were set to boogie.

On the other issue, I decided to saute the garlic and onions until they were see-through. I figured that was enough time to slice the tomatoes and one tiny potato and grate my cheese. After assembling all of the ingredients and cooking for around 15 minutes, I was left with the most amazing homemade pizza EV-ah! Isn't it a beaut?! Crunchy and satisfying. Add a glass of Irony chardonnay (I'm not a fan of whites, but this guy is delicious), and I was one happy camper.

Sorry, Nissa for not having any leftovers by the time The Bachelor started! You understand, right? ;)

PS. I'm so excited for Ashley to be the next Bachelorette. This is only my second season watching these shows, and I'm HOOKED!
Bon appetite!


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