Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pop Goes the Weasel and the Weasel Goes POP!

I've been continuing on my cooking kick these days. I've never been big in the kitchen, but now that I'm living alone I've decided to pick up some tricks so I can feed myself. Some days I just don't care and put together something tasteless, but other days I get into the mood and make something special!

The other night, I decided to try making popcorn on the stove top. It was such an adventure! I highly recommend making popcorn this way if you have kids. Seriously, it's a riot. But make sure the top to your pan fits properly or you'll be chasing jumpers around the kitchen.
Note to self: Pop less corn. Filling the bottom of the pan made enough popcorn for four people.

Pop and lock it!

Ta da! Homemade popcorn in seconds!

The aftermath: Kernels EVERYWHERE.
I decided to make popcorn this way because a friend told me that they put tons of crappy stuff in the instant bags, and how easy is it to just flavor it the way you want?! I have to go get some toppings for my popcorn for the next time. Maybe I'll have a popcorn bar at the next movie night? Hmmm....genius? I think so! ;)


PS. Watch this. You'll thank me later.

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