Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mis-Adventures of an Outdoor Addict

Suzie and I tried to go hiking at the Los Penasquitos Canyon yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, the only entrance to the canyon was closed, so the closest we got was from the top of a lookout. We were SO close! Doesn't it look fabulous?

So instead of just giving up all hope of having a nice walk, we headed to Carmel Valley near Torrey Pines State Beach to walk along the marshland. It ended up being a nice hour-long walk on a road that's been closed to cars. I loved not having to compete with the traffic. That's one thing that I loathe about going on walks in Mission Valley.

After our workout (yes, I believe even walking is a workout), I took her to the Gliderport near UCSD. It's basically a cliff where you can go gliding or watch the sunset. It was a great date for Suzie and me ;) The views were just amazing. If I ever leave San Diego, this is what I'll miss most:

View of La Jolla from the Gliderport.

Sun setting over the Pacific.

Can you see the little bunny foo foo?

Another shot of the wabbit amongst the ice plant.



  1. The picture of the sunset reminds me of one of my last days living in San DIego with you. we drove along the pacific from La Jolla state beach listening to Fergi "big girls don't cry" during sunset. Miss you!

  2. I seriously think about that day all the time. It was so much fun and so beautiful. And it's just a classic song ;) I also think about our trip to Santa Barbara every time I hear Cheryl Crow. Makes me want a copy of her best hits!