Monday, May 2, 2011

The Inevitable Schedule

I thought I would take a page from the blog "Lovely Little Things" and discuss my restaurant/neighborhood adventures in DelMarVa (aka Delaware, Maryland, Virginia area...also to include D.C.). If you haven't clicked on the link I have for her blog, you're missing out on a really simple yet lovely addition to your daily readings.

Back on track: I'm planning on going to dinner tonight in a brand new neighborhood with my friend, Annie, tonight and want to make sure that I capture it on this blog. That turned into a thought that I also want to make sure I'm capturing my ENTIRE journey a bit more. Not just new restaurants (like Lovely Little Things), but also neighborhoods, hikes, life lessons, etc.

I've become lazy with the blogging mostly because there's just SO much newness in my life right now. But this is precisely the time that I SHOULD be blogging...when there's so much to share! CAPITAL LETTERS UNITE!

So, since I want to do so many things (new and old) I've decided that in order to keep track I'm going to use a weekly schedule.

  • Monday Musings (from the weekend)

  • Travel Tuesdays (highlighting a little travel around the area)

  • Whatever Wednesdays (for just...whatever)

  • Everyday Inspiration Thursdays (to keep up with my love of decor/art/nature/etc.)

  • Foodie Fridays (highlighting a new restaurant that I visited).
The weekends are MINE ;)

Of course, I don't expect to use this as a rigid schedule, but more as a guideline. I mean, come on! I don't plan on traveling AND eating out every week! So maybe one day if I cook a meal instead of go out to dinner, I'll highlight what I cooked.


PS. To kick off the schedule, I'll post my cross-country trip photos on Travel Tuesday. Finally!

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