Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatever Wednesdays: Vacation-Ready Condo

I think it's hilarious that due to recent developments (eheh boyfriend troubles, moving, etc.), my San Diego condo turned into my very own Vacation Home! Holler! Never thought I'd own a Vacation Home...and before I even own a regular home? I'm a baller :)

Thought I'd share with you the finalized version of the Vacation Home (I hope you read this like I am with a Oprah Winfrey voice, and if you haven't been then I highly recommend rereading the first's super fun).

OK, now with a Bob Barker voice: Brand new kitchen! (Appliances, that is. Aren't they beau-ti-ful?) Also, a view of the dinette.

The bedroom. Good lord that duna is lumpy.

Are you feeling the France beachy vibe?

The living room. Love this hand-me-down couch. On the right, you can't see the leaning book shelf unit that Suzie gifted me, along with a small house worth of goodies. Thanks, Suze!!

Another shot of the living room looking into the kitchen. Bedroom and bathroom are down the hall to the right. Dinette is to the left.

Bathroom. I think this may be one of my favorite parts of the apartment. I just love all the white with the dark accents of the mirror and small, square shelves.


Photos courtesy of ME! :)

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  1. Jen,
    I thought you might like to see the FINAL version of the condo :)