Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Lovin

OK, folks. It is officially summer! That means: barbecues, boating, cocktails, outdoor movies, relaxation, and tans. Holler! At least that's what it means for me, but maybe summer means something different for you? Either way, I'm gathering my playlist for a mini-vaca I'm taking next month to visit my friend in Michigan. We're supposed to go to a cherry festival, sit out on the lake, and sip on pineapple cocktails. Be still my heart ;) 

Father's Day BBQ with Rocky.
So, my question for you is: Do you have any song recommendations for me that I should add to my playlist? I want songs that just SCREAM summer. You know, those songs that you hear on the radio, and roll down the windows, slow down your speed, and just soak up the sunshine. Uh. cannot. wait. 

So far, I have "Pontoon" by Little Big Town, "Redneck Yacht Club" by Craig Morgan, "Knee Deep" by the Zac Brown Band (featuring Jimmy Buffett), "Bulletproof" by La Roux, and I'm buying the album "Some Nights" from fun. Anything else you think I should have?!


Stephanie Marie

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