Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wonderful Family-Filled Weekend

This past weekend, the family descended upon my parents' house. After house/pet sitting for them all last week, it was a great change of pace. From solitude to party time in one afternoon! 
The girls helping Grandma make Grandpa's cake.
My parents went to North Carolina for my mom's family's vacation. I couldn't go, so I stayed behind to take care of their house and Rocky. And when they drove back, they brought my grandma up to visit up north with us. That happened the same weekend that my brother-in-law went to Vegas for a Bachelor Party, which meant that my sister and the twins came down to my parents' house as well. It was quite a packed house!
Grandma and the girls downtown.
So Saturday through Monday, I stayed down in Annapolis to hang out with the fam. We went swimming. We went to the playground. We got ice cream. We scoped out downtown. We celebrated my dad's birthday. And we just generally had a good time at the house catching up and playing around. It was a great weekend with great people. 
Sisi loves chocolate ice cream. And "lemolade" :)
Oh and great food! Not only did we have pineapple upside down cake for my dad's birthday, but we also had grilled ribs, sweet corn, and roasted chicken. So delicious! My mom has turned into quite a great cook...and she's eating vegetarian these days so it's an even bigger feat that she makes all these meaty meals PLUS her veggie dishes.
Little Piggie, right before Grandma got kicked in the face.
I have to say, this was a perfect weekend. Being with family is the best :) Too bad we didn't have Lou join us or it would have been complete! Next time for sure.
Giggles with Lili.

Stephanie Marie

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