Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Wrapup: Gone Country

My mom and I went to visit her friends in Hume, Virginia, this past weekend. It was another impromptu travel weekend for me and it was lovely!

View from Phillip Carter tasting room.
After waiting out the storm Friday night, we made the two-hour trek early Saturday to get there in time to fit in some wine tasting, antiquing, and polo watching. I haven't really spent much time in Virginia, which is surprising since I've lived in Maryland for much of my life. A little time in Arlington and some time recently in Charlottesville, but I have pretty much neglected Virginia's countryside...up until now!

Viney pathway to Chateau O'Brien Winery.
Hume, which I use liberally to mean all of the surrounding towns nearby since even some of our friends' "neighbors" live 45 minutes away,  is country. This means that there are tons of wineries dotting the landscape. There are Blue Ridge Mountains, luscious green lawns, and horse farms as far as the eye can see.

Mom and Sean at Chateau O'Brien.
I think if Hume was near a large body of water, this would be my perfect home. I loved the quietness of the country and the quaintness of the towns. Each neighborhood had its own main street with antique stores and soda shops. Clean convertibles and muddied Jeeps traced the curving roads. Ivy crawled up buildings and flags flapped in the breeze. It was glorious!

Antique store in The Plains, Virginia.
These pictures are just from the first half of our first day visiting Hume. We spent the first hour or so sipping wines at Phillip Carter and Chateau O'Brien wineries. Since our hosts aren't huge wine fans, we headed to El Agave for lunch and then a few antique stores instead. I have to say, walking through antique stores with an interior designer is interesting. I tried to listen to what he said, but honestly I think it comes down to what you like. After a few hours of tooling around, we headed home to take a nap before heading out to the polo match. Our first ever!
Main Street in The Plains, Virginia. Bathroom stop!

Next up: Our Saturday evening.
How did you spend your not-so-hot weekend?

Stephanie Marie

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