Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearls, Patent Leather, and Pin Stripes

What I wanted to be wearing on this lovely rainy day (fluffy cable-knit sweater, sweat pants, and slippers) is not work appropriate. So I had to settle for this preppy look. I figured I'd throw on my pearls and my yellow patent leather boat shoes to complete the look. I'm pretty happy, warm, and work-appropriate :)

Side note: it's a pretty interesting experience trying to explain to someone what boat shoes are. I've already been praised for my plastic shoes. As if! 

Him: I like your shoes. Are they plastic?
Me: No. They're patent leather. 
Him: Can you wear those in the rain?
Me: Yes. They're boat shoes. They're made to get wet.
Him: So can all leather get wet?
Me: Suede can't. You have to treat that.
Him: But you don't have to treat patent leather?
Me: No. Look it up on Wikipedia, Rando. If you're that interested in the different types of water-proof leather, I think you have bigger things to worry about than my faboo leather shoes. And can we stop talking about my shoes now? You're making them feel self-conscious.

(I said that last part on the inside.)

Stephanie Marie


  1. It amazes me that someone could have reached adulthood without knowing what patent leather or boat shoes are.

  2. Especially since he probably wore patent leather shoes during his time in the service :P