Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tea for Three

My mom, grandma, and I started a new tradition! We went to tea at Moulin de Paris in Pasadena, Md., on Christmas eve. I thought it deserved its own post for the adorable ideas we gleaned from our visit. My family loves going to tea. I've had high tea in Thailand, at the Peabody, and at Alice's Tea Cup, just to name a few. And every time, it's such a wonderful and unique experience. It slows me down and makes me take in all the tiny details.

At Moulin de Paris, they served the most adorable shrimp cocktail I've ever seen. It was a shot class rimmed with Old Bay and filled with cocktail sauce and shrimp. We thought it would make the perfect appetizer at a party. It goes to show that the most common foods in uncommon displays make the best treats!
We also had the typical cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, scones, and petite fours. We each had our own pot of tea, but shared along the way. My grandma actually said her girlfriends had a tea party once where everyone had their own pot of tea. Adorable! And such a great idea (if you have the tea pots like she does) :)

Another detail that I want to remember from this trip was the decor. It was a mix of Asian and European, and I loved it! Clean lines but very detailed. My favorite thing by far, which I WILL be doing in my new apartment, is this petal art. It looks like they took individual petals (maybe from a fake tulip flower?) and glued them to the back of the frame. Once all of the backing was covered, it was done! How beautiful does this look?! And think of all the colors you could do! Swoon :)
Anyway, so that's our Christmas eve tea. We talked about making it an annual tradition. It was just so nice to stop and relax during the crazy, stressful time that the week of Christmas becomes. Oh, and the brioche that we brought home from their pastry department? O.M.G. Amazing! The car smelled like butter the entire way home.

Kind of reminds of this quote that I have at home:
Keep calm and fake a British accent.

Stephanie Marie

Photos from my mom!


  1. You know I love me some tea! I may have to steal this idea. How do you keep the flower petals from wilting? Or does that only happen if they're exposed to air?

  2. They're fake flowers. My biggest worry would be dust, but I think it should be fine in the frame. Send me pics if you do it!