Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Dec 17-18

1. Lou and Sisi in front of the train exhibit at Homestead Gardens. That place is seriously cool. I forget how unique independent stores can be.
2. Chizik/Carvajal Family Christmas! My mom decorated the table with candles and Christmas plates. I love it!
3. Sisi and Lili (with my sister in the background) glued to the Nutcracker Suite my mom bought them. So sweet.
4. The neighbor's blow-up polar bear in their front yard. Our attempt at caroling was a bust, but the walk around the neighborhood was quite lovely.
5. A real polar bear at the Baltimore Zoo! Amy and I needed to use our Groupon ($19 for admission for two) before the end of the year. What a great time to go to the zoo! The last two hours of the day in the winter meant zero crowds and lots of activity...including a lion who walked straight at us licking his lips. Super fun way to spend a Sunday evening!

How was your weekend?! Any fun winter activities? I love spending time with my family, although I'm always exhausted when they leave. And I also love exploring my own city. Two things that make me very happy :)

Stephanie Marie

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