Friday, October 28, 2011

Hang 10!

My outfit today had a scarf by accident. I was afraid I'd be cold at work. Which also means that I wore it in a way NOT on the list of scarf tutorials. Gasp! I'm going off script! My friend Astrid wore her scarf like this the other day and I loved it. I imagine it would work best with square (like mine) or rectangular (like Astrid's) scarfs. Fold in half on the diagonal and then drape from the front to cover your throat. Cross in the back and let the ends hang loose. Hang 10, friends!

I feel like I should also note that my cardi dips down in the back, so all of my items don't end on the same line. Something about that bothers me, so this cardi fixed the problem.

Stephanie Marie

PS. This tree is every shade of fall. It's outside a window at work. Love!

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