Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inspiration Inaction

I didn't love today's attempt to recreate another "When in Rome" look (which I can't find on the internet). I think the idea is good, but the combination of my booties (which I pulled out today for fall to find they need some help) and the longish skirt make me look like a witch. Maybe I should have worn this in two weeks? ;) Anyway, after wearing this today, it has become quite unavoidable that I need a few more wardrobe staples:
1. Knee-length black skirt
2. Black straight-leg pants
3. Bright-colored top
4. Bright-colored jewelry
5. Gray or navy suit
6. Gray or navy dress
7. Gray and navy pumps

This turned into a wishlist somewhere in the middle...
What do you need to round out your wardrobe (work or otherwise)?

Stephanie Marie

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