Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reader Request: Wrap It Up!

Let me walk you through how I arrived at this outfit this morning, because I think you'll find it amusing.

I forgot to do my laundry again last night, which means that I'm still out of clean thongs to wear under my pants. TMI? Note to self: Must buy more underwear! Note to you: We all wear underwear, get over it :) I HATE underwear lines more than I hate wearing thongs, which means today's challenge was figuring out how to hide the lines. This usually means a. a skirt or b. a long sweater. Since it's raining today, I chose b. TGIHTLS (That means Thank God I Have This Long Sweater, to those not in the underwear-line know.) However, the boxiness of this sweater means I can’t wear my usual loose pants. And the only straight-leg pants I own are cropped. Oy vey. I feel like I need a flow chart just to get dressed...

Anyway, so I'm dressed now. Clearly. I'm not THAT girl who goes to work "kekid." The scarf is the easy part, and I love this black one with the embroidery. I think my mom gave it to me, but I wouldn't bet the house on that. I used tutorial #6 but decided I didn't like step 8, so I just left it at step 7 and fluffed. See previous post to decipher that sentence.

What do you think? After all that decision making this morning, I kind of love this outfit :)

Stephanie Marie

PS. Flowchart courtesy of ME!


  1. LOVE! No one would ever know that you forgot to do laundry last night! That scarf tutorial is awesome. I think I should print it out...and laminate it;)

  2. We should also check this out!