Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sergeant Grease

I've had quite the busy morning what with a Breast Cancer 5k at work and a meeting soon after. I brought my work clothes, towel, and shower shoes with me. But I forgot a few key essential items, namely shampoo, soap, and gel. Ugh. I was sweaty and gross, so I had to rinse off at least, but boy is it apparent that you really do need shampoo. Ga-ross. My makeup looks good, but Danny Zuko is currently residing on top of my head and I’m looking forward to evicting him tonight! Oh well. My solution is to pull it all back in a bun, which is effective but also makes me look like a cop…or a woman in the military…or a really boring business woman. Whatever. I’m dressed. That’s about all I have the energy to care about today. That 3-mile jog wore me out! 

Have you participated in any Breast Cancer events this year? 

Stephanie Marie

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