Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Foul Weather Gear

These are the best shots I can get at my desk of my hair. It's very natural, which I love, but is a little light on the auburn. My hairstylist agreed that she went on the safer side of auburn, but I'd much rather that that go too red right out of the gate! Anyway, nothing crazy, but good for fall/winter.

On an unrelated note, it has come to my attention that I do not know how to dress for cold weather. I wore my half-length sleeve sweater and cropped wool pants to work today and I'm FREEZING! Not to mention the suckiness of having to scrape my car window this morning with flesh showing. So, I'm doing some research on pinterest to get some ideas about what to wear at work, during the day, and going out. I think I've found some good staples that I'll share. 

I'm heading to Pittsburgh this weekend for a lecture, so I need to get this under control ASAP! Any cold-weather tricks for me in the meantime?

Stephanie Marie


  1. Cute hair! Cold weather tip - SKINNY JEANS AND BOOTS... I live in those in Washington! Also - layers. Long cardi's and you can still wear tank tops.

  2. I'm definitely getting into the boots thing again. I wore them all last weekend with the skinny jeans I got from you from a clothing swap (only pair I own!).