Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Highlights Thanksgiving!

1. Thanksgiving table decorations. I think the table decor gets better every year! And it didn't seem too hard to make, although all I did was toss on the feathers I bought. Not too shabby, eh?
2. Jen, Lou, and I got ourselves out the door and ran a 5k called the Cow Chip ;) I would have loved to go to a high school in a barn...with a lama loop. We climbed over a stone wall, ran through the woods, and Lou even ran with horses for a hot minute. Oh, yes, I'm a country girl!
3. We took a nice walk around the neighborhood on Saturday before the rest of the family showed up for the girls' 2nd birthday party (they turned two, but this was their FOURTH party). Those girls know how to party!
4. Cupcakes! Made with love by Mama, Poppop, Lili, and Sisi.

A big thank you goes to the Carvajal family for hosting us for four days! It's so great to spend so much time with my wonderful family. How did your Thanksgiving go?


  1. We loved having you! My goals next year: start planning the table earlier and shower first thing in the morning! Haha

  2. I loved hanging out with you too! I like your goals...I'd like to add buy a thermometer too ;)