Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis the Season to Decorate!

My family has started doing a limit for our Christmas presents to help manage our finances and also to make the contributions around the same for each family member. This year for Christmas, I offered to gift my sister and her husband help to finish decorating their master bathroom. I thought it would be a nice way to help them find a relaxing, calming atmosphere in a room where they spend time each and every day. And you know, they always say that the master bedroom/bathroom is the last thing that gets decorated since the "masters" figure no one else sees it but them!

So today I put together an inspiration board from tons of pictures on pinterest. I figured my blogger would be happier with one small "picture" rather than a ton of bigger ones. (If you want to see the bigger, individual pictures, use the digits associated with the picture after this url: www.pinterest.com/pin/) Here are some of the ideas on my sister and Lou's vintage/modern inspired bathroom:

White porcelain vases or clear vases with the insides painted
Framed sheet music of the song they had their first dance to at the wedding
Black and white framed photos
Dark wood candle holders
Metal shelf/hook
Small shelves
Dark wood tray for the counter with white or silver toiletry set
A place to hold candle light (glass urn, wood slat, bell jars)
Greenery in a vintage holder (tea box or silver mug)
Wire baskets to hold your toilet paper, towels, etc.
Homemade art (black and white quotes, paint chip blocks)
Fresh flowers!

My thought was if we pick neutrals (white, silver, glass, or dark brown) for most of the stuff, then they can change the colors of the accents (vases, art, towels, rug, flowers) whenever they want. What do you think? Would you want to live in this bathroom?

Stephanie Marie

Photos courtesy of pinterest.

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