Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Mother's Day Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the entire weekend at my parents' house for Mother's Day. It was a really nice and relaxing three days spent with my mom and dad. After getting my shiny new Maryland driver's license (a bit late after over a year living here) and a 15,000 mile checkup on my still-scarred car, I headed to the 'burbs to shed my work armor and get into the relaxation mode.
Rocky and me soaking up the sun on the front porch.
My mom and I spent Friday night together without my dad, who was at his first real baseball game of the season (the man is in his 60s and STILL plays ball with the best of them). While I waited for her to finish her work day, I slipped on some fluffy slippers and headed to the front porch with a Captain and coke and Rocky. I just love porch sitting in the evenings. We decided to head to Lemongrass, which is a Thai restaurant in downtown Annapolis. The weather was so nice that we sat outside on the patio eating our shrimp bowl (her) and crispy duck (me). A little fabric and baby clothes shopping and we were heading home for the night to indulge in a little Queen on Idol.
Cattle farm in Davidsonville on my impromptu bike journey.
Saturday, Mom had to go to a baby shower, so I took my free time to work on a newsletter, sit by the pool, and take a bike ride. Who knew you could do so much in four little hours?! I gotta say, after my bike ride through Baltimore City the other weekend, I'm much more adventurous with my bike rides. And thank god, too. I was starting to feel very bored and very isolated when it came to good ol' Patty. Saturday, I just did a loop from my parents' house to a road near route 50. It turned out to be around a 12.5 mile ride. 

Homemade watermelon mint sangria. Recipe here.
One of my favorite things about biking is that I can make last-minute decisions when I see something interesting. It's different than in a car where a) I don't always notice everything since things are moving by so quickly and b) sometimes I'm moving too quickly to make a last-minute decision. Saturday, I was planning on turning right toward St. George Barber Road, but when I got to the intersection I saw a road on my left that I'd never noticed before. After a quick check for cars, I decided to give it a go! Super fun exploring options, I tell you what! After my bike ride, I was pooped. Took a shower, had dinner with the 'rents, did a little sewing ironing, and called it a night. Oh, and we watched a three-part series about Taylor Swift. Man, do I want to be a country singer now! Or her friend! Or a song writer! get the point. That girl is inspiring and seem so REAL.
Mom and me kayaking in front of the Annapolis Landing marina.
Going along with the past few Sundays, I spent this Mother's Day Sunday out in nature. I woke up to my dad cleaning out their kayaks, which Mom and I had planned to take for a spin around Beard's Creek. I feel very grateful for the childhood that my sister and I had in a safe neighborhood that had such easy access to the water. Every time I talk or think about growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, it becomes more and more apparent to me that this was a very special and unique childhood. I mean, how many people can say they spent two weeks every summer since the age of...two?...on a boat on the bay?  

So after my dad helped us drive the kayaks down to the marina, my mom and I were off paddling away. We spent about an hour putzing around the creek, sneaking up on great blue herons, calling neighbors to wave from their back porches, and snaking through super shallow creeks. Oh! Speaking of snakes, we even saw a snake swimming near our marina! That nature sure is crazy!
Pier near Austin Drive in Edgewater...I think :)
Luckily, after our hour of kayaking, we had some time to snack and nap. We were going to dine on the deck, but my dad found a crazy wasp nest growing in the seat cushion container and had to deal with the queen wasp, her nest, and the crazy ants taking over! As my mom said, this was pretty much a trial run weekend for the rest of the summer so mishaps were OK. We got the kayaks ready, the deck cleaned off, and the pests taken care of. Now we just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the start of another Maryland summer!

I loved spending the entire weekend with my mom and dad. Once again, I realize how amazing it is to live so closely to my parents. It really is so great to be able to spend these times with them! I think my mom really enjoyed her Mother's Day, least that's what she said. Only one thing could have made it better: Having my sister and her family there too! But she's in Florida on vacation with Lou's family, so I guess that's alright :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had a chance to call or be with your mothers. Any fun stories with moms or other pests? ;)

Stephanie Marie

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