Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Log: National Harbor

This past Sunday, Michelle, her sister, and I drove down to D.C. to the National Harbor for a shopping adventure. I think it was built within the past few years, which means that none of us had ever been before. It was fun exploring a new "neighborhood!" There was some sort of fair on the dock, so we had tons of opportunities for people watching and cranny investigating. Super fun time!
Unfortunately, I'm being reminded again how much my body cannot deal with the heat and humidity of a Maryland summer. It was only about 80 degrees while we were there, but I couldn't stop sweating. I'm SO not looking forward to July and August when it's over 100 degrees with 90% humidity. I have no idea what I'll be wearing those days, since my sundress and sandals did nothing for me last Sunday!
The National Harbor is a really cute place to check out if you're in the area. (My mom's been suggesting it for months now, but apparently we needed a mission to get us there, i.e., shopping for Michelle's wedding shoes.) There's a small beach with Adirondack chairs and a huge statue, a patio for events overlooking the water, outdoor seating at restaurants, and even a ferry to Alexandria, Virginia.
There's even a Gaylord Hotel that offers an air conditioned respite as well as adorable interiors! It reminded me so much of Vegas hotels...all we needed were some slot machines and free drinks and it would be like a mini cousin :) This may be a place I come to on a stay-cation. It's super close to D.C., but offers a resort-type feel that you can't really get in a major city.

We even got there amidst the Battle of the Beltways (Nationals v. Orioles) and the Andrews Air Force Base Air Show. So much was going on in D.C. last weekend! Anyway, we loved our mini trip. Michelle got her wedding jellies and I got the cutest sailboat iPhone cover. Good trip had by all.

Does anyone have any adventures planned for the Memorial Day weekend?

Stephanie Marie

Pictures courtesy of Michelley!!

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  1. Leanne says I'm NOT allowed to wear the shoes until the wedding :o(