Friday, May 4, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Silly

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo (also known as cinco de drinko). I thought that was obvious, since it in fact means May the fifth, but apparently there are some people who are unaware of the actual translation of Cinco de Mayo. True overheard conversation:

Man 1: May the fourth be with you! haha I like that one. I think Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon too.
Man 2: Oh yah, I think that's coming up. When is that?

That does hurt my brain a little bit to extend the logic that if today is in fact May 4th that tomorrow will, gasp! could it really be? Drum roll please! May 5th! "But is chicken of the sea chicken or fish?" Silly men.

I think this year instead of focusing on the margarita portion of the evening (please note I said "focusing" rather than "partaking"), I may try my hand at making those fish tacos that are on my spring 2012 flower bucket list. 

The first time I heard of fish tacos was when I visited my friend Ginny in San Diego. This was about a year or two before I decided to move to SD. I was such a skeptic. I thought they sounded disgusting: Fish in a crunchy taco shell? Ew. But I couldn't have been more wrong! The way that the white sauce blends with the cabbage and fried cod. The crunchy insides mixed with the soft outside? O. M. G. It's heaven in a tort...tortilla for you gringos ;)

Even if you don't make a fish taco or drink margaritas or indulge in sangria tomorrow, make sure you have yourself a very merry Cinco de Mayo. I started my celebration today with Taco Bell at lunch. It's a controversial decision, but my taste buds are pretty happy with my Mexican pizza...the stomach, on the other hand, is just now giving me the full rundown on what wrath is to come in retaliation for faux Mexican food. Oh, and I also shared the Texas Tornados song "Guacamole" with my coworkers. Look it up for some good ol' fashioned fun! 

So, in conclusion:
Fish tacos: good.
Margaritas: Good!
Sangria: GOOD!
Taco Bell: good AND bad!

Happy Friday!

Stephanie Marie

Photo courtesy of pinterest.

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  1. That's hilarious. People are so ridiculous! Also, I love fish tacos!!