Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Defending Ft. McHenry

I decided early Sunday morning that it was about time I figured out how to ride my bike around town. Trails are lovely and safe, but not biking in Baltimore has become quite confining and frustrating. I knew that I'd want to give it a go when there was little traffic, and what better day to try than a slightly rainy morning after Cinco de Mayo. NO one is up before 9 after a drinking holiday :) 

I followed the trail as best I could, starting in Canton, going through downtown, and curving around the Inner Harbor. They're doing some construction downtown, so the trail is a bit disconnected in spots, but I believe the construction is for an improved bike path, so go forth and conquer, construction guys! I was initially going to try to meet up with a friend for breakfast in Federal Hill since I never go over there (you'd think it was a different city from the lack of traveling back and forth between the two neighborhoods), but she was out of town so I decided to take the time and investigate Ft. McHenry.

I haven't been there in ages, so it was super fun to spend the morning poking around and enjoying the sights. I can't quite count my Cliff bar as a "picnic" so I will be coming back soon to enjoy some more greenery. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the freedom that biking across town by myself has given me. One goal down; only a few more to go!
Signage and view of the fort.
Bike path around the river.
Just another lazy Sunday morning :)
"5th Regiment! Has anyone seen Earl Smooter?" Name that movie!
Canton church...communion maybe?
I love being up early to see what I can run (ehem, bike) into!
Stephanie Marie