Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Bold and the Be-YOU-tiful

I decided to get bold this morning when getting ready for work. And dirty. Forget Bold and the Beautiful! Let's get bold and dirty :) I'll go with the dirty part first. It comes down to one simple little thing: I didn't feel like washing my hair this morning. I really should have due to all the product that was in it from yesterday's wavy 'do, but I just didn't want to don the wet hair again, so I opted out. No thank you, shampoo! Instead, I opted for a half up clip and then a French braid for the rest. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised at how much I like this look. I know you can't tell from the picture, but it's a fancier version of the low head cannot handle the high pony or bun. By hour two, I have a splitting headache and need to massage my scalp. Heavy hair is heavy, man.
As for the "bold," I went with not one, but TWO necklaces this morning! Tada! Betcha didn't see that shocker coming straight atcha like a turtle in a headwind. I know this sounds silly, but this really is a step outside my comfort zone. I've been seeing the double necklace for a while now on TV shows (I saw it on "Cougar Town" last night, hence today's gamble), but haven't had the cojones to give it a go. I guess I was thinking I had to be quite the fashionista to put a duo together to pull this look off. But you know what? I think starting with two necklaces that complimented each other in color and size was a good first step for me. Next step is going to be two necklaces that compliment each other in color, but maybe have different lengths. Who knows, maybe I'll get crazy on y'all and do mismatching colors and lengths! Wooee! Paint me red and call me Wanda! Or something like that ;)

So what do you think? Does this scare you as much as it did me or do you think there are more daring trends that we should try more often?

Stephanie Marie

PS. This is my "oh no shiny forehead put your chin down, oh no big nose put your chin up, chin down! chin up! chin down! crap someone's coming into the office take the freakin picture!" face. Life is hard.

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