Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#1 Happy: Staying in Shape

I created this picture today to continue my discussion of what makes me happy. Do you like it (and the bevel to make it look like it has matting)? I’m going to make this a list, of course!

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start ;) Although this isn’t necessarily the #1 thing that makes me happy, it is definitely up there, and so we shall start keeping track of ideas for happiness because that is the main thing to strive for when you’re trying to find yourself again like me.

Without further ado:

1. Staying in shape. Key word "staying."

Let’s get physical, physical! Staying fit never used to be difficult, what with sports in high school (not to mention a SERIOUS growth spurt) and rowing in college. But now that I’m more of an athletic supporter, I find it harder to stay active. I think for me, the key is finding a variety of activities that I enjoy so that I don’t get bored with doing one activity over and over again. So far, that means: Jogging, biking, swimming, rowing (when I can), walking, hiking, and yoga. I also find that I’m very goal-oriented, which means that I need some sort of end idea in mind. For the past two years I’ve signed up for sprint triathlons, which I thought I would do every year. But since I don’t want to buy a really nice bike right now (the one I was using was borrowed from the ex’s mom), I have to stick with what I can afford: tennies! That means, this year for my annual race, I’m signing up for a 10K. I’ve never run more than 3 miles, so this is definitely a challenge for me. And that, in fact, is the point. A challenge! A goal! Some REASON to work out!

So, as a novice jogger (I do not move fast enough to call it running, and I’m OK with that!), I have looked toward the inter Web for training hints. I started with this 10-week walk/run program, but halfway through I find myself bored of the repetition and also worried that I’m never trying to run anything CLOSE to a 10K. I do NOT want to be the lone ranger who can’t get to the finish line before they open the streets again. Yikes! So, yesterday, I hopped on board this schedule, which I think I’m going to like better. It adds stretching and strength training to the mix, which makes me feel prepared for the full 10K distance. Also it just may be varied enough to keep my interest.

I've also been thinking about signing up for another race in the spring for the same keep-it-going-to-that-end-goal mentality. We shall see how this guy goes in October first and then go from there. But I'm excited to be feeling sore today. I must be doing SOMETHING RIGHT!

Just thought I’d share my workout ideas, since I think most of the female population gets tired of trying to figure out how to whittle that ever-moving layer of fat. Ugh. Hate it (I hope you said that in a British voice like I did).

If you have other workout tidbits, please send them my way. I'm always open to trying something new.

Stephanie Marie

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