Friday, September 9, 2011

Monogram Garland Inspiration

My sister asked me to help create monograms for her girls' bedroom. She wants their full names, so wood letters probably won't work (they have long names and wood would hurt if it fell), so here are some ideas I grabbed from pinterest. Love the inspiration over there! I might use a few of these myself when I move out :)

And of course, we could always paste scrapbook paper on cut-out cardboard letters like this.


Stephanie Marie

PS. I came across this post for a wood ruler to measure the girls' heights. ADORABLE!

PPS. What's the DIY world's obsession with the letter B?!

Photos courtesy of pinterest: foil, crayon, sequin, photo, paper mache, wire, cork, wood, yarn, foam, and fabric letters.Link


  1. The olive "branch" is clever. I can't see the pic in your link for scrapbook paper on cardboard letters. I like that idea!

  2. I just updated it. Thanks for the info! The wire one would be pretty cute/easy too...did you still want me to make an L with yarn?