Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Hair-ible Scare!

Like how I turned horrible into hair-ible right there? I'm clever ;)

So a few weeks ago, I came home to this scary sight on my head. No, not my scary white scalp; that's normal. The scary patches of broken hair. Oh my god I can't even explain the fear I had that all of my highlights were going to break off. I was convinced my new hairdresser did something wrong with the color processing. I even consulted my hairdresser in SD for advice. However, after a brief consultation with my current stylist and her seasoned friend (I never like the sound I'd "I've never seen that; let me go get help"), the verdict was in.

Apparently I burnt the hair off with a blow dryer. Who knew that was even possible?! I'm going to blame the old discolored dryer at my gym...the one I treated myself to along with a hot shower and lights during our power outage from Hurricane Irene. Nice treat.

Solution: Wait for the hair to grow back...there's nothing else I can do. At least the rest of my highlights are holding on! So the lesson to be learned here is don't leave a hairdryer on high heat pointing at one area of your head for an extended period of time. The medium heat setting will take a few minutes longer to dry and straighten, but at least your hair won't burn! Also, don't throw away that dohickie that goes on the end of the dryer to disperse the air. That thing will help too.

I told my new hairdresser that I'm not a hair-induced crier, but I definitely almost lost it this time!

Any hair-ible tales to share?

Stephanie Marie


  1. Oh yes. I have one. I once took a curling iron with spokes on it (an iron/hairbrush hybrid) to curl one of the pieces in front. It got completely tangled and I had to CUT IT OFF. My friends called me "Spike" for the longest time. Sorry about your hair, Steffie, but I'm glad you solved the mystery!

  2. Hilarious! Note to self: brush hair before curling :)