Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Terrible Tuesday

I'm trying to keep warm today, since it's been raining all morning and my mood's been chilly. I forgot my access card this morning and had to drive back home to get it. (Of course I didn't realize I forgot it until I was turning onto my exit.) Oh well.
I decided to forgo the pumpkin spice latte (should be back on the shelves today, says my pumpkin-obsessed sister) for a pumpkin and cinnamon oatmeal, fluffy sweater c/o mom, and a hummus wrap.
At least I'm matching today's weather!
Stephanie Marie
Ps. Apparently today is dubbed Terrible Tuesday because it's the first day where all students and teachers are back, which means terrible traffic. Bootst for getting to drive through that 4 times today.

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