Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall11 Hits and Misses

Happy Monday. Blah. I forgot to set my alarm last night, so this morning has been dragging a bit more than usual. Plus, I was in the car for several hours yesterday coming home from my trip to Charlottesville and then I ran 4 miles. Let me say that again to make sure you didn't miss. I RAN 4 MILES! That is alotta for me :) So, while I get back into the groove of things (a.k.a get my photos in order), check out the new fall trends from Piperlime and let me know what you think.

Note: If you click the pic you can see it in a larger size.

I always think it's interesting to see what the industry tells us will be the hot new things of each season. Anna Wintour can definitely determine a season's fashion with one September issue, but I think it also depends a lot on what we see on television and what comes out of Europe (I predicted the year of the corduroy jacket after a fall trip to Scandinavia where EVERYONE had one). Of course I like Piperlime's tall boots and faux fur, but I can't stand the "hiking" boots (who's hiking in these heels, people?). Maybe I can't stand them on principle because I actually like to hike and find the thought of calling them hiking boots insulting :) I'm also not so keen on the fashionable length of the skirts this season. I really don't think it's flattering when a skirt lands on your mid calf. That said, I'll probably wear a skirt that length just because it's comfortable and convenient. I'm sneaky like that. What do you all think of these top 11 trends?

I also came across this article recently describing the 10 Commandments of dressing for work. I don't agree with all of them, but it's an interesting read. I went to a talk on energy this past Wednesday, and I have to say that I wish a few of the powerful women who sat on the stage had tried a little harder to look the part. Come on...Girl POWER doesn't have to mean you're too busy to style your hair, does it? In my opinion, the power on the inside can and SHOULD be portrayed by your look on the outside. Let them see your power suit and power walk and wonder who you are ;)

OK, enough soap box talk. It just surprises me how little effort some of these women put into their look when I'm supposed to be looking up to them. Enjoy the new season!

Stephanie Marie

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  1. I've been holding onto a BCBG poncho for years, know it will be back in style someday. So excited!!!