Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

Like most weekends, Easter weekend was a blur of activity! I took Friday afternoon off to go to the Oriole's Opening Day. It was my first time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Luckily I made it through the throngs of people, several bars, and a couple of innings to have a great time! I also got to see my high school friend perform in the Inner Harbor. So much fun packed in one day!

Saturday night I met my friend Amy and her boyfriend out in Annapolis for a birthday celebration. It's always funny seeing friends in different towns than the ones I'm used to seeing them, but it was a blast just hanging out :) And watching the birthday party try to ride the mechanical bull at the Cadillac Ranch was super entertaining. Apparently that's on my dad's bucket list, so I'm hoping we'll take a family trip to the bull. For Easter Sunday, my mom and I got up early to go to the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial. This is a family tradition; I'm really not a religious person, but I just love being outside in nature and visiting DC in the early morning during springtime. We haven't gone to the sunrise service in ages, so having some quality time with my mom was nice. Missed my sister, though! 

After mom and I got home, had a few Carlson's donuts, showered (had a bit of an egg-splosion on the way to services so that needed to be cleaned up real good!), and napped, we got back up around noon to make our Easter tapas. LOVED this! Tapas is my new old thing :) I highly recommend the tapas recipes from this post. The sweet onion dip was amazing and the parmesan bread sticks were easy and delish! And we didn't over-stuff ourselves like we usually do on the holidays. Win win :) 

Here are the highlights from my Balto-nap-ington weekend:
View of Pickles beer garden on Opening Day.
Doing the wave from the nose-bleed seats.
The Lincoln Memorial at sunrise.
View of the Washington Monument with the sun peaking in.
Tapas plate goodness!

Hope you had a fabulous long weekend! I'm looking forward to a relaxing week ahead, but not so much the true spring-like weather. I was really starting to get into the days of 70s! Happy Monday :)

Stephanie Marie

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