Thursday, April 26, 2012

Outfitted: Working the High Waist

When my sister visited me in Baltimore last week, she asked me about my lack of outfit posts. I honestly didn't think anyone cared either way, so I stopped posting them. Apparently she misses them, and since I do whatever my older sister says (rolled jeans and all), I thought I'd send one out today! 
To work today, I wore a gray paper bag skirt, black bejeweled henley, and black cropped cardi with my black platform heels and turquoise earrings. Do you guys know what a henley is? Apparently that's not a common term, but it seems common out east. What I’m most proud about this outfit is that the only things I’m wearing that I paid for are the earrings, my bra, and my shoes! Holler! The shirt was a Christmas gift, I got the cardi at a clothing swap, and my mom and I made the skirt from one of my mom’s old ones.
What do you guys think? I like a high waist every now and then. It sure makes pigging out easier ;) Also, I'm noticing that using the reverse screen on my iPhone makes the photos grainier. What happened to the options button on the iPhone camera? Anyone? Anyone?

Hope you're enjoying this grainy, rainy Thursday!

Stephanie Marie


  1. I got a nice high-waisted skirt at H&M recently that I've really been enjoying myself. It's simple and black, and I love it! Wore it today, actually.

    1. I need to go to H&M. Shopping is just harder in the city, though...nowhere to park!