Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Update: April FOOLS

My friends and I were a bunch of April Fools this weekend :) I've been helping my rowing coach plan an alumni event and this past Saturday was the actual race/picnic. Thank goodness the rain held out. Honestly, I'll take chilly and cloudy any day over rain! My friend Kath came down on Friday for the race, so we met up with Michelley for dinner at Gitan. It's a new tapas restaurant a block away from my apartment. So adorable! We love tapas and wine and this place was great for both. Then we headed down to the Canton Square to the Speak Easy for some drinks and fun. Lindsay and RayRay met up with us for a little impromptu dancing. You know it's been a good night when you create your own dance floor :)

We woke up Saturday morning a little worse for the wear and headed to the boathouse with a quick stop at Starbucks on the way. I didn't take any pictures at the boathouse, but we stayed from 10am-3pm and had such a great time catching up with old friends and getting back in the boat. We had enough alumni to race two male and two female boats against each other. That's about 32 alumni plus we had families attend too. Even had a group from the 1993/1994 team! 

Afterwards, a bunch of us headed over the Hanover Street Bridge to Nick's Fish House. It was the perfect place to continue hanging out before our Philly friends had to head home. After a few hours, Kath and I left to get some much-needed sleep and shower. Then we turned around and headed out to meet the crew (pun intended) at the Horse You Came In On. We had a small hiccup (someone forgot her ID), but quickly overcame that and made the night a memorable one! People started leaving a little at a time until only six of us were left. Perfect six-some to do a little (ok a lot) of bouncing around the room. Good times! I decided sleep was more important than the after party, which was perfect for our brunch/walk about Fells Point with Michelley and Ray. Seriously, how much more could we have packed in one weekend?! So much fun. I can't wait til next year's alumni race!

Here are some highlights from the long and glorious weekend:
Impromptu dancing at the Speak Easy in Canton.
Jean and Toolan got into the Horse You Came In On!
The last six standing. Probably best that it's blurry since we're sweaty.
A little bit softer now!
Ray and Kath at the AUTHENTIC Baltimore museum :)
I'm not a practical joke kind of person really, but always get them played on me. Anyone come up with a good practical joke this April Fool's Day?

Stephanie Marie

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