Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep on Rollin'

First we're going to do this nice and easy.
Then we're going to finish rough.

Yesterday (Thursday) I wore my black cotton pants from Old Navy, a red polka dot shirt I had to buy from Target (due to a coffee spill on my way into my first day of orientation at a new job), and a black cardigan from Gap, I think. Anyway, I saw this girl walking through the streets on Wednesday morning wearing slightly cropped pants with heels. Since I don’t have a pair of black slightly cropped pants like she did and I’m not really in a place to go shopping for an article of clothing to recreate one look, I decided to do an experiment with the pants I DO have. And this is the result:

I actually really like the effect that rolling my pants did to the overall look of the outfit. Completely different than just plain pants, right? The only thing I didn't like was because they're cotton, when I sat down in my chair the knees sort of poofed out. I just patted them back down when I stood up to go anywhere, but that was the only drawback...that and my chilly ankles!
Nice and easy: Regular un-rolled look.
The (diamond in the) rough: Rolled pants.

What makes this outfit even more special is the rolled pants reminds of being in the second grade when my sister would stand me on the stairs and roll my jeans for me. Pleat and roll twice! She refused to let me out of the house without rolled jeans because, come on, that would be embarrassing! Dear fifth-grade-Jen, I think the poofy bangs were more embarrassing then me not rolling my jeans, but we'll just go with the pants for your sake. I dedicate this outfit to my 13-year-old sister. She'd think these pants were rad.

Enough talk about pants? Tried any fun twists on your regular clothes to get more bang for your buck? Gotta be honest, I kind of want to raid my closet and see what other cool things I can come up with! Consider this experiment a success! Proud Steffie keep on rollin' ;)

Stephanie Marie

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