Friday, March 2, 2012

Finding My Way

Yesterday was nearly 70 degrees! Two snaps and around the world for that! So I packed my bike in my car and headed out to the BWI trail. It goes around the airport, so you'd think it would be an easy right, but boy you would be wrong! A. I never found the designated parking lot, but after asking the Linthicum Bike Doctor where to go, found that the middle school had ample space. B. I got lost around the 5/8ths point and went about two miles out of my way. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but the sun was starting to go down, I was already exhausted, and I had to do a little "off-roading" (mud and hills) to find my way. THANK GOD I brought my cell phone, so I could figure out how to go. I almost didn't bring it, but will make it my #1 to-bring item from now on. So 13 miles and almost an hour and a half later, I had a big sigh of relief when I saw my lonely car in the parking lot. Didn't have enough time during my misadventure to freak out, so I'm also pretty proud of that :) AND, I was so tired after biking that I just headed to a local bar for the first time and went all by myself. After a hurtle like finding my car, going to a bar alone wasn't a challenge at all! Perspective, my friends ;)
So, this is the only shot I got from my journey. There are a few boardwalks you have to go over on the BWI trail. My butt hurts like whoa today because of stuff like this, but I'm OK with that. Means I'm heading in the right direction...literally and figuratively. 

Had any misadventures lately?

Stephanie Marie


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