Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap: March 2-4

1. I drove down to Hollywood, Md., to visit with my friend Teresa and her family. (This is the view of Solomons Island on my way home.) We went to the firehouse's annual spring luncheon for fried oysters, Maryland-stuffed ham, green beans, coleslaw, tuna salad, and sweet potatoes. I went a few years ago with my parents, and it was amazing yet again! My parents decided that spending their wedding anniversary at the firehouse wasn't really what they wanted this year ;)
2. Saturday night, I helped Michelle finish off her save-the-date cards. A few glasses of wine later and I was a happy girl! We figured a trip to a local bar would be a good end to all the hard work we did.
3. Sunday morning I woke up and had a yogurt parfait. I got this idea from Suzie who used to make them all the time. One of my favorite things about moving around so much and staying with so many people is all the different foods that I'm introduced to. I never would have thought to make,my own parfait if it hadn't been for practically living with Suzie for a few months last year!
4. Simone, Adam, and I headed to Boordy Vineyards for Chowderfest. We got three chowder tastings and six wine tastings for $15. Can't beat that! Somehow between our arrival and departure, we reverted back to winter! How did that happen?! It was fun to visit a new winery regardless; I'm definitely keeping this place on my 30th birthday list!

This weekend was all about eating. I mean, frequently my life has a lot of food anecdotes and memories, but this weekend started and ended with some pretty special meals. How was your weekend? Any food adventures to write home about?

Stephanie Marie

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