Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beach Girl Classics

On our last day of the girls' beach weekend, we headed to downtown Bethany to check out a few shops and a few of beach classics. Beach Girl, get it? Like the Beach Boys' Classics...but we're girls? ;)

To me, visiting the beach means more than just sun, sand, and surf. Which works out, since the only thing we got this past trip was the sand! To me, the beach also means taking in the sights, experiencing the vibe, and finding my future beach house :) Here are a few of the classics that we took in on our final day at the beach:
Downtown Bethany's totem pole.
Sisi and Lili on an Adirondack chair.
My new dream house.
Don't you just love beach houses, furniture, and random monuments! I love getting to know new towns and love visiting new beaches even more. Some day I'll live in a small beach town where I can walk to the main street and visit my friends at "Beach Tree" coffee shop...or some equally ridiculously named establishment. Some day. Until then, I'll keep trying new ones to see where I'm going to land. A girl can dream, right? Got any beaches I should visit while shopping for real estate? ;)

Goodbye beach! SEA you next time!
Stephanie Marie

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