Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach or Bust!

Although Saturday (and the rest of the weekend, for that matter) turned out to be gray and a bit wet, we didn't let that get in our way. We were at the beach, and the girls were willing to don winter coats and boots just to get into some sand! We lasted just long enough for some sand toys, kite flights, and "picmic" snacks. We warmed up after our beach time at the Penguin Diner. These girls love them some penguinos! :)
Lili and Sisi watching a beach wedding. Brave bride!
Lili loves her cup!
Sisi and her monkey hat.
The girls' snack time on the blanket.
Gwan-ma and Sisi coloring the place mats.
Don't you just love family trips? It's funny to think that most of my friends were probably already drinking by this time, since they were a bit farther south at Ocean City for a bachelorette party. My, how different one weekend can be!

Stephanie Marie

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