Friday, March 23, 2012

Fancy Feast and Lessons Learned

Happy FRIDAY! Holler :) This week has been busy for me. Meetings at work, biking after work, dinners and drinks after biking. It's been gooood. I biked to and from my friends' house on Wednesday and took home a few lessons learned:
1. Get a light for night time biking.
2. Don't bike at night unless you have a light...the cops definitely saw me biking, but luckily they were busy doing something else :)
3. Hop on the bike going down hill or on a flat surface, but never UP hill. I almost bit it trying to clip in. Quite ironic since Michelle had JUST asked me if I get nervous clipping in or out. Well, if I didn't before NOW I DO! Good thing to note: My body just took over and ripped my shoe off the clip.
4. Go to Michelle and Ray's if you're hungry!
Last night I met up with Amy to get our nails done for spring! Holler at me, sandal lovers! I'm sporting purple toes and pink fingers. Love. This nail salon (Babylon, if you're ever in Baltimore) was so much better than the last place I went. It was light years better. I will be returning!

After, we hit up Hudson Street Stackhaus for an adult, it's-almost-the-weekend beverage. I introduced Amy to Alagash and I got something super strong, which I didn't realize it until I got home and felt tipsy. I mean, I'm a lightweight, but one drink is just ridiculous. Clearly, it was the alcohol percentage and not me! It came in a wine glass, and I'm usually all for feeling fancy, but frankly, if I want to drink out of a wine glass, I'll buy wine, thank you very much. Next time, I'll just get the Alagash too.

Anyway, it's been busy, but I'm looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. More girl time with some friends. Can't beat that! Hopefully the weather stays nice, but even if it doesn't it won't matter too much. Games and Twilight Eclipse Part I do not require sunshine.

Anyone going to the Hunger Games premier?! I'll be waiting until the craziness dies down. Learned that lesson the hard way...twice...from the Twi-hards. Takes me a few times to figure these things out :)

Stephanie Marie

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