Friday, April 13, 2012

Me Meal #3: Mexican Pizza

Hello, friends! Me Meals #3 in one week. Holler :) I was trolling pinterest the other day and found this recipe for Mexican Pizza. I feel like I need to explain to you how much I love Mexican Pizza. I lived in San Diego for four years, a place where the Mexican joints are as easy to find as a McDonald's on the East Coast, a place where the Mexican food is as fresh and authentic as crab cakes are to Maryland. And yet, and YET, I would still go to Taco Bell for a Mexican Pizza. Why would I go to a TexMex place and get a fast-food Americanized version of what I could get in an authentic Mexican joint? Because OMG, friends. So when I came across this recipe (with a picture that could have been taken right out of the Taco Bell catalogue) I knew I had to try to make it. One trip to Trader Joe's later, and I was set to go!
The two layers before I stacked and ate 'em.
Please do yourself a favor and make this Mexican Pizza. I grilled the tortilla shells in the oven, mashed up the leftover black beans from my black bean burger in place of refried beans, used ANOTHER burger patty for my ground beef, and replaced the enchilada sauce with my Tapatio hot sauce. Seriously, super easy. Assemble, layer, bake, EAT! It took me a half hour from the start of mashing the beans and cooking the meat (seasoned with the same stuff as the meatballs) to the time I was sitting down and eating it. 30 minutes to put food in my tummy? Healthier than the Taco Bell version? Cheaper than the gas it cost to drive out and get it? Yes, please! Don't mind if I do savor this Me Meal! Besides, the way I scarfed it down is so much less embarrassing when there's no one watching me eat ;)
The final result. Packed with goodness!
I bet you're wondering when my burger patties will run out, aren't you? One more patty, my friends. Oh, and you could make this veggie by just leaving out the beef, but I would recommend adding the cumin, salt, pepper, red pepper, and oregano in the beans that I used to season the meat. Don't want to miss out on any of that flavor FLAV! Made any good Me Meals lately?

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! Today marks the day one year ago that I moved home to Maryland from San Diego. Crazy. And exactly four years before that I'd moved from Maryland to San Diego. It's just crazy what 5 or even one year can make. Cray cray.

Stephanie Marie

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