Thursday, February 3, 2011

A 2011 Wish List

I'm usually not a New Years Resolution type of gal. I just don't like the idea of setting myself up for failure. Although maybe that's a pessimistic way of looking at it, I find that having more of a wish list is what makes me happy (see Mission: Moi's first post for direction if this search for happiness confuses you).

In 2011, I wish to:
  • COOK more often and better! I'm an awful cook, but I think it's mostly because I never cared before. This year, I vow to care!
  • TRAVEL more often. I'd love to take a journey up the California coastline to see what I'm missing in my backyard.
  • WRITE an article or start writing a book. Gasp! This terrifies me, since it's been so long since I've published anything for me. But, friends, I need this creative outlet where I can't just publish whatever the heck I want without approval (i.e., this blog). Hmm...does that mean I get approval through publishing? Insert quizzical brow here.
  • TAKE PHOTOGRAPHY lessons. I love beautiful pictures and would love to contribute to the picture-taking community :)
  • BE ONE WITH NATURE. Take picnics, go on a walk, try paddle boarding again, go hiking. Maybe combine this one with the photography one. I don't know why it is that it takes so much effort for me to get outside. I love being outdoors, but for some reason hate the process to get there. Random. Must investigate (while outdoors).

  • SOCIALIZE. I'm so bad about saying "yes" to anything that has to do with a bunch of people I don't know. Call me an introvert, but going to a bar with people I don't know makes me nerrrrvous. I'd like to try to be less controlling about how and who I hang out with, which means that I may have to say "yes" more often than I'm used to.
  • AMP up my style: house and wardrobe.
  • STAY IN CONTACT with my family better. We use Skype and the phone, but I'm thinking of putting together an old-fashioned newsletter. Although my grandma is hip for her age (she's on Skype!), I don't think she's going to be joining FB anytime soon and I'd like her to see the photos that she's missing out on.

So, that's my wish list for far. I'm sure there are many things I can work on, but for now it's all about what makes me happy :) Haven't done that in a while. Hope the first month of 2011 has been good to you all. And, if you let me know what your wish list looks like, we can compare notes!

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