Saturday, February 26, 2011

Classy (Not Trashy) Oscar Party

I decided Wednesday to throw an Oscar party this weekend. I'm super excited because I haven't really thrown many last-minute parties, and I think this may be my favorite way to have guests. There's less time to be stressed about what to eat (we're doing a potluck style), how to decorate (I'm borrowing a red table cloth and using what I already have), and what to do (I printed out pre-made Oscar bingo and ballots).

Like most of my decorating, cooking, fashion, and traveling trends, I get more excitement and pleasure out of "making it work." Give me a few ingredients a la Top Chef style and my creative juiced flow. Side note: Once my mom gave my sister and I a $100 to do something nice while Jen was visiting me in Pittsburgh where I was studying for my MFA. We ended up taking it as a challenge to make that $100 last as long as possible. We ended up going to dinner, watching a movie, having drinks, generally enjoying the entire weekend on one $100 bill. Rachel Ray's vacation on a dime, eat your heart out!

Anyway, so for this last-minute party challenge, I've decided to make a few "classy" bites, print out the afore-mentioned Oscar-related games, and decorate with what I already have.
I'll take pics of the event, but here's what I'm planning for food:
Salmon toasts. I already have the smoked salmon and bread, but I will have to buy the cream cheese.

Mini pancake dessert. I'm going to make silver-dollar-sized pancakes, stuff them with peanut butter, and drizzle with syrup. All of which I already have here. No stress.

I think I'm really going to enjoy this relaxed party atmosphere ;) The red carpet starts at 4pm Pacific. Enjoy!

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