Friday, February 25, 2011


Suzie (my roommate and butt buddy while my condo's being tented for termites) and I went to this fabulous spa in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego. It's called Anatomy. I'm not sure I could afford the regular prices, but Suzie had a Groupon that she gifted me so I got a mini facial. Faboo! :)

Anyway, the point isn't that the spa was great. The point, dear friends, is that the decor was to die for and I went a little stalker on Anatomy so that I could post a few pics on here for you! (Again, please excuse the blurriness. I'm working with my phone camera and I was trying to be 007 about it, so I couldn't get some of them to focus.)

Beautiful metal and crystal lamp. Suzie fell in love and has been researching where she can buy it (Z Gallery for over $250 clams YIKES), make it (plastic crystals from JoAnns or Michaels and old lamp from Good Will?), or make do with something that will give the same flavor ( Will let you know what she ends up with!
Can't get over how cute this mirrored table is. I didn't even think I LIKED mirrored furniture!
This faux peacock is so graceful. Just enough umph for your room without having it look like you have a weird thing for birds.
Love love love these. Isn't this the cutest idea for a little planter in your bathroom? Succulents need very little attention, but look great all year long. And the shells are just genius.


Oh P.S. They had a eight-week old puppy tumbling around the host area. Adorable.
Inspiration from Anatomy Day Spa & Boutique.

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