Friday, February 18, 2011

No-Stress Housewarming

My official housewarming party is tomorrow, and of course Aloha (our weather woman) has informed me that it's supposed to Biblical style. Since San Diego is usually 70 and sunny, rain, wind, and fire are really our only "seasons." (Sounds like a James Taylor song.)

In San Diego terms, rain means accidents, flooding, and leaks. Yay. So, it's perfect timing for me to stay inside my HOUSE where it's WARM and enjoy the comforts of a warm meal. I guess I couldn't have picked a better theme for my housewarming--Comfort Foods--for the anticipated blustery day. Who wants comfort food when it's a 75 degree day anyway?

The person who first created these is clearly a genius.

I'm trying oh so hard not to stress about this party. I wanted to have it to kick off my dinner parties and socializing NOT to show everyone my ready-to-wear apartment. God knows it takes decades to get anything show-stop ready on a dime budget. I did manage to start (key word: start) a few crafts/projects and hang up some decorations for the party. But that's where I stop! This is supposed to be a no-stress event. It's taking everything in my will power not to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. So, now that everything I have is hung, I'm just going to focus on cleaning and cooking.

I thought you might like to know what I have planned for the meal, since that's what really counts, right? ;) This is another attempt to be low stress, but I'll have to let you know after the fact how that works out for me.

It's All About Comfort Menu:
Mini Grilled Cheese With Tomato Soup Shots (like these)
And my friend Suzie is going to make dessert: S'mores Pie (I'll have to get the exact recipe, but I think it's going to be sort of like this. Um...HELLO!)

I can hear the leafs rustling outside and the wind chimes a-chimin'. That storm is on it's way, and oh how I'm going to love it!


Photo courtesy of Creative Inspiration via (I can't find the original photo source, sorry.)

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