Monday, February 7, 2011

Pom Pom Canopy DIY

I've decided to embrace my inner girlie decorator! I used to have to try to balance my girlie likes with the bf's manly tastes, but since I'm back to being single it's all about what I want! It's all about me, me, me ;) I have no plans of turning into Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake, but I do want to use more pinks and reds, flowery textures, and softer edges. This is now a no C-word zone (i.e., compromise).

One of the first girlie things I've decided to tackle is my bed. Right now it's comprised of a wicker frame and a navy blue quilt. Not exactly screaming girlie, but I have plans for a canopy-type idea using pom poms much like Martha Stewart does in her New Year's decor here:My thought is to have a group of about a dozen or so pom poms hanging over the head area...and hoping that they don't fall on me in the middle of the night! It turns out that they're not too hard to make. Michael's had a sale on cupcake liners and I just banged out 2.75 pom poms while catching up on my DVR (Hellcats, anyone?). Here are the supplies I bought (I'm going to exchange the solid blue ones for solid red):
I used regular needle and thread to give a hanging device to my pom pom. I had to pull the needle out with pliers, but it seemed to work for now. (I didn't feel like buying the hooked wire and special thread that Martha suggested, so we'll see if my pom poms fall during the middle of the night!)
And here's a finished pom pom. This one had striped cupcake liners. I left the very top open so I could find the string when I want to hang them. And here's what I currently have. I want to make at least nine more of varying colors and sizes. Maybe I'll finish by the time this season of Hellcats ends ;)

Am I crazy for wanting pom poms over my bed?!


Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart and me. Inspiration by Creature Comforts.

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