Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarn Monogram DIY Mishaps and Blunders

Last night I set up shop to make my yarn-wrapped monogram letters I'd eyed over at Evie-S by way of Creature Comforts.
I wanted to make something simple for my bedroom that just SCREAMED "me" and I don't know what screams me more than my very own initials :) I tried to choose colors that wouldn't be too overwhelming, but in hindsight I almost wish I'd made them all that lovely, rustic oatmeal color (thanks Vana White for your yummy yarn collection!). Either way, I'm quite pleased with the results and proud of myself for free-handing the letters (though that was only because I couldn't figure out how to make the stencils big enough):

I've been leaning towards all things French these days and tried to find a font that would emit that j'oie de vivre. I think what I really have, though, (DomCasualBT) is more of a causal nautical theme. Damn you anchors! See how Evie-S's is fuzzy and feminine? I want that! Why not me?! I might suggest to others to get a fuzzier yarn to begin with and something Eh, oh well. I'll make it work...I'm surely not going to redo these. The hot glue portion of last night's festivities were less than desirable.
Happy crafting!

Photo and inspiration courtesy of: Creature Comforts post featuring yarn-wrapped monograms. Evie-S yarn-wrapped monograms.

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