Monday, February 27, 2012

Brooklyn With A Bang!

Instead of a weekend update, I thought I'd post pictures from each day I spent in Brooklyn this past weekend. I had a blast visiting Kath and Jenny with Michelley. Couldn't have planned a better first trip to Brooklyn! 

Michelle and I arrived to Kath's around 930pm on Friday and, after a quick wardrobe change and wine guzzle, went straight to her local bar for a drink. Then, we hopped in a car with Kath's roommate, Steph, and trekked over to the Brooklyn Bowl for a concert. Tragedy was a trip. Gold, glitter, and guffaws for all!
Michelle, Kath, Jenny, and Steph at the first bar.
Tragedy at the Brooklyn Bowl.
Lance, the sweat mopper, after the show.
Me, muffintop, and Kath's new drumstick.
Hope you had a great weekend! Saturday and Sunday pictures up next :)

Stephanie Marie

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