Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raised in a Barn, Born in a Pew

I started getting Pottery Barn catalogs sent to my apartment (aside from Netflix and some other catalogs, I don't get anything else sent there). Anyway, like many American women, I think this is straight up my style. I just love the mix of rustic and girlie. Add that to the twine and some of the other details and you've got my nautical obsession covered too! Here's what I loved most from this catalog:
Chalkboard in the kitchen. Mason jar lighting. Tiered pizzas.
Letters, cream-covered books, and twine!
Jute lighting. Grass centerpiece (what up, Michelle, circa 2002!)
White hydrangeas, plate of fruit, neutral couch.
Stephanie Marie


  1. Love love love it all. Perfect mix of styles. Ive been looking at that glass jar light fixture for awhile. Do you think it would work in my kitchen?

    1. I do! I also think something with the burlap-esque shades would work well too (pic 3). I think there's a mason jar chandelier DIY on pinterest ;)